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"Notes from VanPyDay 2016"

A one-day conference born from the Vanocuver equivalent of our local SF Python meetup. I had meet one of the organizers (Seb, @elbaschid) during a previous PyconAU and he convinced me to drop by and give a talk.

Really great community (small and friendly!) in a beautiful city. I've never had such a friendly conference audience, it was great to have conversations with many people over the course of the day 😊

I've tried to write up some useful notes on each of the longer talks, but I very much enjoyed taking part and getting to hear from the diverse backgrounds of all the different speakers and attendees.

"PyconAU 2015 field notes"

I was lucky enough to speak at PyconAU 2015, in Brisbane! Least I can do is write up some notes about the talks I particularly enjoyed. Here they lie, somewhat edited and mostly linked against the conference website.