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Foster informal connections

I've always found fostering informal relationships surprisingly valuable.

Time is such a limited resource, and it's easy to convince yourself to take a mercenary approach to any scheduling. If you aren't getting predictable value out of it, and it's not required by your job, it's not worth your time! But …

Publish independently and publish often

I got sideswiped this a confluence of factors that finally convinced me to resurrect a decent static site generator (hi Pelican!) and bring this blog back from the relative dead.

In fast succession: Medium finally locked all useful distribution they do behind an even stronger paywall, I read this article by Fred Wilson on the value of being self-sufficient, and the one and only patio11 kindly responded to some of my questions about how to bootstrap a fledgling website no one visits out of the cold start problem.

So I'm going to primarily be writing on my own blog (e.g. this post at, syndicating posts across to Medium for a least a bit, and seeing how it goes.

"A New Year"

All the cool kids wrote New Year posts, so I figured that was excuse enough for me to chime in with a quick one.

Writing here has been a nice outlet for the end of 2012, but I figure now's as good a time as any to make a couple …

"First things first"

As all good internet citizens do eventually, I've decided to try writing down my various software-related trials and tribulations down in a blog. For the time being, I'm sticking with Octopress as I care more about the content than the web design. Maybe later this will become an exercise in …