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"Sins of the Test"

We all make mistakes…some more embarrassing than others in hindsight. I always really appreciate when programmers I look up to make a point of pointing out their own faults, so I figured it was only fair for me to do the same.

So in that spirit, let's talk about where I've gone wrong! Looking back on the tests I've written in the last six months has made me realize several things I'd change if I could write them again.

"Testing with Mock"

More than any other area, I've found software testing to be the discipline which I knew the least about before joining up at Yelp full time. Sure, there was the normal insistence in my time as an undergraduate that I learn how to test units of code, and I'd heard plenty about the value of unit testing from any number of people or blogs, but when it came right down to it relatively few people I knew ever employed it to a meaningful degree during college and my graduate work. The simple truth was that projects rarely lasted long enough for the fruits of proper testing to be borne out.

Now I am sure plenty of people would disagree with that statement, pointing to how their various school projects were made better or simpler by judicious application of unit tests, but the goal of this post isn't arguing about whether or not testing is worthwhile. My goal is to dive in a little bit to one particular area of testing that I had essentially zero exposure to before joining industry -- the mocking of methods in tests.